Pompholyx Hand Eczema

Pompholyx is a common type of eczema affecting the hands and sometimes the feet.

The first stage of this condition is the appearance of tiny blisters that are deep in the skin. Some people describe them as "tapioca-like" blisters. These blisters contain a clear water-like substance (edema fluid) that usually subsides without bursting and expelling its contents. The blisters are associated with an itching and sometimes a burning sensation. In extreme cases, peeling, cracking and crusting of the skin can occur. The skin may also harden.

Pompholyx is also known as dyshidrotic eczema or vesicular eczema of the hands and/or feet. The severity of the condition can range from a few dry, red, itchy patches to huge areas of the body which can be covered in sore, inflamed, weeping and bleeding skin which can invariably become infected. It most commonly however just affects the hands and feet.

It can start on the sides of the fingers as itchy little bumps and then can develop into a rash. The condition can also affect only the feet. Some patients are affected in both the hands and feet.

Pompholyx affects people differently and because of this it is hard to describe a typical case. See Your Symptoms to find out more how it affects other people.

Episodes usually occur abruptly. The blisters are extremely itchy and usually appear in crops and last for one or two weeks. As the swelling and blisters subside scaling and fissures can occur. The course tends to be unpredictable.

Some fellow sufferers have described their experiences of pompholyx hand eczema which you may be interested to read and, of course, your treatments contains a wealth of suggestions from people about how they treat their symptoms with varying degrees of success. Several of these treatments are rather unconventional but sufferers have managed to find relief in some creative ways. With the onset of pompholyx you should always consult a doctor or dermatologist before commencing any treatment.

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Other terms for Pompholyx

Pompholyx can be known as pompholyx eczema; hand eczema; dyshidrotic eczema; hand dermatitis; dyshidrotic dermatitis; dyshidrosis; cheiropompholyx (pompholyx of the hands); pedopompholyx (pompholyx of the feet); vesicular eczema of the hands.

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